• Algology: The Art of Scientific Curiosity

    2016.          I have inhabited this mind-set of the curious child, the mad scientist. Hungry for knowledge and a desire for innovation and strangeness. I don’t know what I have been searching for particularly, but I have been fascinated by my discoveries. With these findings, I have produced a scientific publication. The book is designed to mimic the style of a scientific study. But, unlike most scientific publications, the work does not provide us with a conclusion. It is not designed to satisfy ones curiosity, but to encourage it. It is a porthole into the scientific, curious, investigative mind-set. The title, Algology, has two meanings. The study of algae and also, the study of pain. It remains ambiguous through out the book as to what I am actually investigating. I have incorporated both definitions for algae and pain. To the same effect, I have also removed the word algae from all of the text, simply referring to 'it'. This leaves room for the reader to interpret their own understanding of the work and potentially leave them more curious than before.