• The Mushroom Book

    2015.            The mushroom book is an investigation into the medium of light and it's role in the production of photographic imagery. I am interested in the use of natural and organic materials to produce my work and decided to use mushrooms and fungi to explore camera-less photography as a way of capturing light, and documenting these organic forms. The book contains a range of camera less photography techniques, including photograms, chemigrams, lumen prints and Xerography, every image is produced with the use of mushrooms. Due to the nature of camera less photography every image in the book, with the exception of the xerography work, is a one off, and would be impossible to replicate. Therefore making the book a complete one of a kind. I made the cover of the book solely from turkey tail mushrooms, foraged from various woods around London. The book was bound using single sheet coptic bind stitch, this allowed for the incorporation of different sized work and enables the viewer to open the pages flat to view the full image.