• Umbra: Darkness Within Darkness

    2018. I print in the darkness with light and paper. Navigating the shadows, I find that some papers turn away the light, while others take it in and envelop it. ‘Shadows emerge between the realms of darkness and radiance’ (Mccauley 2009 p.52). I have come to observe and perceive the subtleties of these shadows and the spaces they create in darkness. In shadows I find intimacy, a comfort and an assurance. There is a sense of security to be found it the dark tones of shadows, yet also a presence of the unknown, and with that, a fear. A heightened awareness occurs during the passage from evening to night, from dusk into the darkness, ones mental alertness is sharpened. In the evening light, shadows provide a depth to the landscape, allowing us to distinguish and classify forms and shapes within our perceptual fields. Shadows are ‘loyal companions of material objects’  (Mccauley, 2009 p.54) they act as a blockage and obstruction to the light, creating a positive image below. In the English language, to ‘cast’ a shadow can mean to spoil something; ruin it with something unpleasant. But I find shadows to be far from unpleasant, ‘we forget that the darkness they (shadows) cast evidences the light — palpable proof without which we might not appreciate or even notice the radiance itself.’ (Popova, 2015)